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Operation d-u-m-m-y *update*

*”Operation D-U-M-M-Y update:”*
*”This is what happened tonight in the middle of a bedtime story. Ron called me to see and sure enough, Amy had FALLEN ASLEEP right then and there. No dummy, no crying, no complaints, not even a mention of it. This is something that hasn’t happened EVER, in the history of forever. A miracle!

On Friday night we had friends round for dinner and Ron put her to bed at about 8.30pm, she told him she had left her dummy at Grandma’s but she didn’t need it and went to sleep no problem. Last night she was overtired after a very busy day at the beach and swimming at a friend’s house so there were some tears and eventually we left her to cry plaintively for about ten minutes until she conked out. But she never mentioned the dummy. Today she happily went to bed for a nap but didn’t sleep for long, hence the exhaustion this evening.

In conclusion, next time I spend months agonising about a parenting decision, just mention the word dummy to me and remind me that sometimes the things we worry about the most are actually inconsequential in reality!”*

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