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It feels wrong somehow to write a frivilous post about how we are keeping cool in Sydney’s 45 degree (113 fah) heatwave when more than 60 people have been killed in terrible bushfires in Victoria. We had a very busy day yesterday, beach in the morning, home in the afternoon until a powercut (!??!?!?!) sent us round to our friend’s Stephen and Rosie to wallow in their pool. Later Ron and I caught up on some recorded television before going to bed. I didn’t watch the news or turn on the radio.
This morning I was up early and went to the local shops to pick up some breakfast things and was stunned to read the news headlines about the tragedy that had unfolded late yesterday in a number of small towns in rural Victoria. Wild bushfires raged out of control and swept through the small communities, leaving behind devastation and death. More than 600 homes destroyed, whole towns burnt to the ground and many people unaccounted for.

I can only offer up my thoughts and prayers for all the people who have been affected and feel grateful that even though I am uncomfortable and hot and heavy, my family and I are safe.
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