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Goodbye dummy – Amy 2 years 7 months

This post will be written entirely in italics, within quotation marks, within stars, for reasons which will become obvious.
*”As I type this my daughter is asleep in her bed, enjoying an afternoon nap. It might not sound like a monumental milestone for a 31 month old unless I explain that she fell asleep without her dummy. Last night we “left the dummy at Grandma’s house” and after some tears, some calling out, some unhappiness, she did eventually fall asleep and slept the whole night through. I ran her around a shopping centre this morning to ensure she was exhausted and after a few questions about the dummy and lots of stories about a little girl called Amy Grace, she did eventually fall asleep on her own for her afternoon nap. Tonight might be easier, it might be more difficult but this is a milestone I am happy to celebrate. Cross fingers everyone, here is hoping that saying it outloud/blogging about it doesn’t jinx us!”*

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