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Mumbai part III

The last of my Mumbai photos. Above is the old taxi that I took a day tour of some temples in. No aircon but it was loads of fun!

Water tanker truck. These were all over the city and beautifully decorated. Not sure how safe these trucks were but they looked gorgeous.

Inside a temple. Simply awe inspiring.

If you have seen Slumd0g Millionaire you will recognise this platform and train station. My driver dropped me outside and told me to be careful crossing the road. Inside was mayhem and madness but then suddenly two trains departed and the platforms cleared miraculously.

I was lucky enough to be in Mumbai for the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi which is the celebration of the birth anniversary of Ganesh, the Hindu god of wisdom. Images of Ganesh are installed in small shrines all over the city and celebrations are held over a period of 7-10 days. I missed the Chaturthi which is the final day of the festival which is dedicated to the Elephant headed god and thousands of people process to the beaches of Mumbai with their personal idols of Ganesh to submerge them in the sea. The singing and dancing continues long into the night and although I was sad to miss the conclusion to the festival, the city comes to an almost complete stop.

Every street has its own Ganesh, even the poorest areas and people come to pay their respects and leave a gift for the god.
Every taxi I caught had a little Ganesh on their dashboard and my team presented me with my very own Ganesh in a little presentation box as a leaving gift. He still has pride of place on my bookshelf here at home!
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