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Mumbai part II

Some more photos from my stay in Mumbai. This sunset is taken from the pool deck of the Hilton Hotel where I stayed. Looking the other way you can see the bay and the promenade which was flooded with people every night. I attempted to go for a walk one evening but the sheer volume of people was a little overwhelming, even for me!

This is me dressed in my traditional Indian outfit. I had to buy everything in extra, extra, extra large as the Indian women tend to me slightly more petite than me but it was still much more comfortable than jeans and a t-shirt or worse, a suit. My colleagues in the office were stunned that I would go to that much trouble and everyday when I came in with a different outfit on they would flock to compliment me!
Somehow I had managed to forget that Mumbai is actually a city on the coast and this little fishing fleet was moored just around the corner from my hotel. The stench was unbelievable, fish, sewage, humanity. Looking at this photo it just looks rather tranquil.
These next two photos are from my hotel room. Most mornings when I woke up the skies were heavy with rain as it was nearing the monsoon season and on my second to last day the heavens opened and the rain started. I narrowly avoided missing my flight home due to flooding and the guys at work assured me that this was just the beginning.

You can see the fishing ports in the middle of this photo below. A large, flat, man-made lagoon type area where the boats come in. The fishing families live right there in a sprawling squatter camp on the water inbetween the hotels and apartment blocks on the bay.
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