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On Saturday the temperature in Sydney was predicted to rise above 40 degrees again, the fourth day in a row of above 35 degree temp days. I was sick and tired of staying indoors with the aircon on and arguing with Amy about who could watch their tv show so we threw the bag of swimming stuff into the car with the shade tent, some beach toys and a cooler bag with water and fresh pineapple and we set off for Freshwater Beach.

Freshwater is a small beach, just north of Manly, so on Sydney’s North Shore and the best bit is it has plenty of parking so long as you are there early. (As opposed to other beaches which have very little parking meaning you need to be there at dawn!) We arrived at 9.45am and it was already close to 35 degrees. We set up the shade tent and immediately set off for the waters edge where Amy and Ron built sandcastles whilst I cooled off in the water which was bone-chillingly cold. Finally for the first time in ages I felt cool all the way through.

It was the perfect opportunity for some lovely portraits of my daughter, previously known as my photographic muse, now known only for the completely ridiculous faces she pulls the moment I point my camera in her general direction.

I know I can’t really complain because I have been long known for pulling silly faces in serious photos, but really, the light was perfect and I couldn’t get Amy to even hold still for one second.

As if the faces weren’t enough she started to ape around for the camera like she was being filmed for a funny show. At which point I packed up my equipment and went back to floating gently on my back, pregnant belly protuding a little from the waves, enjoying the feeling of cool water all over my hot, swollen body!

I know I have complained about the heat all week, but really, this is why we moved to Australia and I can’t fault it.

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