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Its still so hot here in Sydney that I am starting to wilt. Pregnancy is tiring and I am realising I might just need to cut myself some slack and stop stressing about sitting indoors in my pants with the aircon on. Afternoons are the worst, I feel tired, unmotivated, sweaty, irritable and grumpy. Still very happy to be pregnant of course and luckily Amy is (*please god don’t let it change*) having great sleeps in the afternoon so usually I am able to lie down and sleep myself or at least have a proper rest.

Entertaining her the rest of the day is hard work, she is such an energetic child and loves having activities to do, places to go, people to see. I hate sticking her in front of the tv first thing in the day and so we have been relying on friends coming round or going out to play. Otherwise we bake, do puzzles, sit outside in the garden if its cooler until eventually the heat drives me indoors and the aircon and tv goes on.

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