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New furniture for the deck

After months of indecision and endless hours of research and shopping we finally went back to the shop we started in and bought the furniture for our deck. We didn’t think we were being that specific when we started our search but as it turns out our few requirements were quite difficult to satisfy and we didn’t want to compromise on something we plan on using as often as possible for as long as possible!

Firstly we wanted Australian hardwood sourced from sustainably managed forests to match our decking. Secondly we wanted a four posted table as opposed to a table with a frame underneath that you knock your shins against constantly. And lastly we wanted a combination of chairs and benches so we can squeeze as many people onto the table when necessary but if its just Ron and I having dinner we don’t feel like we are sitting miles away from each other!
Its perfect and looks just right on the deck, we are still trying to decide where to arrange it all but will move it around until we are happy. I bought a cheap Ikea throw for the couch so that its easy to keep dust free and clean if the pesky magpies crap on it and now we have our perfect outdoor room.

Yesterday we had pancakes and coffee on the deck and read the Saturday papers. Ron and Amy brainstormed some names for the baby and did the crossword.
Later we all brought our lunch out to the deck and in the evening we sat down to a family dinner. Its wonderful to be able to have somewhere to spread the papers out and drink coffee and enjoy the view of the garden.
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