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Photos I should be ashamed about

I couldn’t resist when one of my favourite bloggers promised she was going to reveal some photos on International Internet Reveal Your Horrid Teenage Years Picture Day! So here are a few I dug up for your viewing pleasure!
I think I am about 8 in this photo but its weirdly hard to determine my age when looking back at old photos. I remember loving this dress, I think Mum made it with the homemade smocking on the bodice. The combination of white anklet socks and sandals is sweet, I suppose.

Moving along we have evidence of those years of my life when I was scarred by various orthodontic procedures. Also, did I cut my own fringe/bangs? Why the the little tufty thing?

I should be grateful that you can’t see me too closely in this photo, its bad enough that you can see what my sister and I are wearing! That cap is bigger than my whole head, its even bigger than my glasses, and those are big!

I love my family but there are so many kinds of wrong happening in this photo. I was 13 and we were at The Ritz hotel in New York for Christmas lunch. My Mum and I are wearing mix and match stretch fabric skirts and tops and I am wearing a hand knitted jersey. The thing is that looking at this jersey makes me feel very sentimental because Mum used to make me one every year and I loved them. I remember borrowing a pair of tights from Mum and feeling very grown up with my moccasins!
I am about 15 in this photo and still haven’t managed to work the fringe/bangs issue. I am also wearing stretchy, flowering print shorts with a strange crop type t-shirt. The real confession: I LOVED this outfit, loved, loved, loved!
Coming soon, my university years, and all kinds of hair-dying WRONG!
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