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26 weeks pregnant
Monday 5th January – 26 weeks pregnant.

I made it through the festive season without gaining too much weight which is something I feel inordinately proud of. So far my weight gain this pregnancy has been minimal, about 2kgs up from my starting weight although I did lose a lot of weight to begin with and then gradually gained that back. My obstetrician is happy with my weight but reminded me that from 28 weeks onwards the baby will be mostly gaining fat and so if there was ever a time to watch my diet, now would be it! Thankfully its too hot to think about food and supper mostly consists of salad and something thrown on the bbq and during the day Amy and I graze on fruit. In fact I have come to believe my child is almost entirely made of fruit, she would happily exist on rock melon alone!

Otherwise I am feeling great, I look very pregnant now but have yet to have anyone ask me when I am due which is a relief. I have been sleeping well despite rocketing temperatures in Sydney and no aircon in our bedroom. Somehow the sleep I am getting in between needing to get up and wee is deep and satisfying sleep so I am waking feeling well rested and enthusiastic. I am no longer able to comfortably sleep on my tummy or at least on my side with my leg drawn up, its really only comfortable to sleep completely on one side or the other although my hips do ache occasionally and some mornings I am woken by a dull ache in my back. I know I need to do more stretching and have got the yoga mat and book out but for whatever lazy (or toddler) reason, I haven’t made the time for it. I am going to start walking in the mornings when it cools a little, before Amy gets up, just to get my body moving and keep it limber as the more active I am the better I feel. The key has also been getting to sleep early, after three nights of being in bed before 9pm I am leaping up at 7am and feeling very motivated.

That could also be because I have swopped my morning decaf for regular coffee and its amazing the difference a burst of caffeine does for my enthusiasm! I have given up sugar in my coffee and the fizzy drinks which I indulged in over Christmas and am trying to drink as much water as I can during the day to make sure I keep well hydrated. I have been getting the occasional Braxton-hicks, or at least what I think is a Braxton-hicks where my belly tightens up and aches for a time then it goes away, sometimes it happens multiple times but its not painful as such, just an awareness of my belly where normally I wouldn’t be conscious of it. This baby continues to leap around inside me and generally pummel me from the inside out. I can watch ripples of movement across my belly and feel pokes and prods from the top and the bottom simultaneously!

I had my 26 week obstetrician appointment on Tuesday and my glucose tolerance test which I never had first time around. My Ob has been concerned about the size and weight of this baby based on the fact that I had a large, very overdue baby first time around so he has been keeping tabs on the growth and development of the baby with scans at each appointment. On Tuesday the bad news was that my Obstetrician has booked his holiday and its over Easter so its likely that unless I go into labour up to 5 days before my due date, that this baby will be delivered by someone other than the man who has overseen my care throughout the pregnancy. The good news is that the baby is measuring spot on 26 weeks and head size and femur length are both comfortably in the 50th percentile which is a nice change from last time around when all the estimates where that Amy was a very large baby indeed. I feel confident that if I can keep my weight gain to a minimum, keep exercising (running around after a toddler) and generally take good care of myself that I will be able to birth a healthy sized baby well within my due date! (fingers crossed!)

I am slightly peeved that our Ob is going to be out of town but not too concerned. We have only had a handful of appointments and will only see him a few more times so long as everything continues to go smoothly. If I am showing no signs of imminent labour in the lead up to his departure then we will meet both the Ob’s who are covering for him while he is away and be sure to let them know that we our concerns revolve around the big baby/induction debate and that we would prefer to go into labour naturally even if I do go over my due date. I have to trust that my Ob will make this clear to the guys covering him and the rest is really just out of our control. I am not worried at all and that’s a good sign, my anxiety levels are completely manageable about almost everything which is a great place to be in.

So pregnancy number two is ticking along smoothly, but very quickly. Amy continues to talk about her baby brother or sister and quite often will bring me something she doesn’t want and say its for the baby. She is happy to sleep in her big girl bed and tells us that the cot is now for the baby. I still worry about the impact this change will have on her but have to trust that the decision to have a second child is a far reaching one and as hard as its going to be on all of us to make these changes, the rewards will far out weigh the hard times!

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