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Yesterday was the second anniversary of our arrival in Australia. On the 6th January, 2007 we flew into Sydney from Johannesburg after a 6 week holiday in South Africa. I remember feeling excited, nervous and homesick/confused, not sure whether I was missing my family or my friends, or my old life or London or all at the same time. We arrived feeling optimistic and adventurous and threw ourselves into making a life for ourselves here in Sydney. There were lots of very positive starts, like Ron getting an interview the first week and landing himself a temporary job which now, two years later, is a permanent position in an area and team he loves. There were some hiccups as I found it hard to adjust to being a stay-at-home-mum whilst staying in someone else’s home and I struggled with my work situation back in the UK, eventually taking redundancy and facing the fact that I probably wouldn’t work in my career again for a long while.

Then things started to move a lot quicker, we looked for, found and bought our first home all in the space of a few weeks and suddenly we were living in our very own house as a proper little family. The next year seems to have rushed past in a blur and suddenly here we are, two years in Australia with a second baby on the way. I know its hard to explain without feeling a little hurtful towards all our dear friends in the UK whom we miss passionately, but we still have zero regrets about our choice to leave London and move to Sydney. Life is very different now and I look back on the days of double-income-no-kids with remorse, wishing we had saved more and spent less, but not regreting for a second any of the adventures we had, like 7 weddings, 6 months, 5 countries in 2005! I miss London and my friends as much today as the day I left and I imagine this will never change, no matter how long we live away for. But living here in the suburbs in Sydney with my girl and my man and my kitchen and our lives makes me very, very happy and so I push away the homesickness and concentrate on what we have to look forward to this year.

Yesterday was a funny day, we have had some fiercely hot days this week with temperature soaring to around 40 degrees and I have been sweltering. I had an Ob app at the hospital (more on that to follow – promise!) in the morning and then Amy and I stopped off to do some long overdue grocery shopping on the way home. I was tired and hot and didn’t have a list so we wandered up and down the aisles of the supermarket trying to get inspired about what to eat for dinner this week and what to pack Ron for lunches. When I was ready to check out there were no cashiers at the counters with the conveyer belts and only one girl helping at the self-service. I hate using self-service at the best of times and with a full trolley and a big belly I really didn’t want to but the girl said she would help so I agreed. The stupid scanner kept malfunctioning and then the bag area kept telling us to put the items in the bagging area and with over 3/4’s of my shopping scanned the station finally gave it up completely and stopped. The girl helping me was super irritated and just printed out a barcode, threw some empty carrier bags into the trolley, put the rest of the bagged stuff in and told me to go and pay at the front. I looked at her blankly, what about the rest of my shopping that hasn’t been scanned and she shrugged and said I would be here forever trying to get it done, just pay for whats been scanned and thats that.

And that is how I came to get 6 peaches, 5 bananas, 2 family size blocks of chocolate, 1 bag of bagels, 2 packets of crumpets and a container of strawberries for free. Thank you dear self-service check out for crapping yourself and handing me a lovely freebie!

(BTW – chocolate definitely tastes better when its free!)

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