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Family Christmas

After church we went back to Grandma and Grandad’s house to open more presents. Amy was thrilled with her gifts especially her Dora sleeping bag and her pink camping chair. Grandma also bought her some beautiful dresses and t-shirts.

Aunty Gaye bought Amy a slippery slide for the garden and we are just waiting for a hot day to get it out, sadly I think it might constitute a dangerous activity for a pregnant lady, especially with the way our garden slopes!

Ron and I raced home to set up Amy’s big gift from us, the one she asked Santa for when we went to visit him at the shopping centre where he lives. More about that on another post coming soon. Margaret, John and Gaye brought Amy back a little later and we tucked into our traditional aussie Christmas lunch.
Platters of oysters, cold cooked prawns and some raw prawns that Ron did on the bbq for me along with an avo and grapefruit salad I created, washed down by a cold Semillion followed by cold ham, hot roast potatoes and a repeat of the spinach, butternut, feta and pine-nut salad I made for Christmas eve.
It was a silly amount of food for 5 adults but we diligently made our way through it and finished with Margaret’s homemade pavlova and red jelly which Amy was very excited about.
Soon after lunch I was forced to recline on the comfy sofa out on the deck to let my food digest and smile at the baby leaping about inside me, probably just as excited about the red jelly as Amy was!
Amy joined us for a cuddle in her new Dora sleeping bag. It was a lovely day, very simple and uncomplicated. Later that evening we went round to friends for another Christmas tradition, roast pork with Margaret and David as David’s family are back in the UK and mine are in South Africa, we decided to spend Christmas night together. It was a lovely relaxed evening and a great way to end the day.
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