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Christmas morning

Although Christmas is already so last year, I best post the rest of the pics and recap or I will forget and we can’t have that now can we. Amy woke up in a great mood and ran straight to the front door to see if Santa had drunk his beer and eaten his biscuits. I don’t think he like the orange flavoured biscuits that much, they were a little stale as well but he necked the beer. The look on her face was priceless!
She was super excited when she realised the pile of presents had grown overnight and could hardly wait to start opening. Ron and I ended up getting her a few small things to open and discovering a birthday present that we had hidden which we brought out. What had happened was that Dad had suprised Amy, and me, with a black scooter bike from South Africa that he had carried under his arm. We put the pink scooter we had bought her back in the cupboard because no one needs two scooters on their birthday. Its perfect now however because its quiet and will live on the deck.

There was much arm flapping when we said she could go ahead and open some presents!

Watching Amy carefully open her gifts was magical and really made the whole day more special for me. Its hard not to get a little cynical around Christmas with the commercial aspect of it all but Amy was so thrilled by her gifts and so excited by the ceremony of it all that it reminded me about the really good things about the festive season.
Mum had even managed to find a lovely colleague of Dad’s who was flying into Perth and had sent along a small parcel of gifts for us that he passed onto a friend of Mum’s who then sent it to us. Its very special to have something to open from family on the day even when we are so far away. Amy received the second of her little Russian dolls from Mum to go with the first from last year that I have put somewhere for safe keeping and can’t quite recall where. Oops, will find it though, I promise!

We had time for some breakfast and a shower and then off to church to meet Ron’s parents.

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