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Fat guy in a santa suit

The build-up to Christmas in the White House was lots of fun. We had a full weekend then a quiet Monday and Tuesday. Ron wasn’t well which suited me as he stayed home with Amy and I managed to get all my Christmas food shopping done painlessly and by the time our friends arrived for dinner on the Tuesday night I was feeling organised and relaxed!

We had four couples and their assorted five children round for a BBQ. Ron made his famous chicken kebabs (skewers) and I made a roasted pepper cous-cous salad with fresh mint and coriander and the kids had sausages and jelly. We had a lovely evening, made even better when Deb and Margaret did the washing up so after everyone left and Amy passed out, I lay on the couch and felt very relaxed about Christmas in general!

We had our close friends Rosie and Stephen round for an early dinner on Christmas Eve. They had been away in Melbourne for a week and Amy had missed seeing her best friend Adam at their playgroup Christmas parties. Amy however went a bit mental and terrorised Adam, running around shouting, jumping up and down and generally acting totally mad. I spent the afternoon cooking and getting ready for Christmas lunch the next day so we had a basic version of what I was going to be serving for Christmas. I cooked the ham in my now traditional ginger beer with homemade apricot jam glaze and it turned out perfectly but a kitchen disaster inadvertedly turned into what will definitely become a new Christmas tradition. I overboiled my potatos for salad and decided to roast them instead. We ate these crispy delights with warm ham and a spinach, roasted butternut squash, feta and pinenut salad and it was delicious.

Sadly our plans for a few Christmas Eve traditions like a Christmas story went astray and we ended up putting Amy to bed as soon as our guests left and leaving her to cry, she wailed for 10 minutes and then passed out immobile from exhaustion, excitement and a red jelly hangover from the night before!
We did however manage to get Amy’s help leaving out a cold beer and some biscuits for Santa by the front door. Luckily she is too little to get freaked out by the idea of the big fat guy in the red suit breaking into our house in the middle of the night!
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