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Playgroup Christmas party

This is what Santa wears on his feet Downunder! We had a suprise visit for the children at our playgroup Christmas party last week. Amy’s face was priceless when Santa came in, she was really excited. Unfortunately she was last called to go up and fetch her present and the novelty had worn off a little by then.

It was a great party, very relaxed, the children decorated lolly bags with stickers and then we put out all the food and they just dived in. Amy and a friend share a quiet moment when the decorate gingerbread men.
We have had a quiet few days and nights before our crazy busy Christmas schedule starts today. Unfortunately Amy and I are snotty again and she has started coughing which is so annoying. Last time we took her to the Dr there was some talk of these night coughing episodes being the precursor to asthma. She has no difficulty breathing and shows no other obvious signs of a cold so for now we just wait it out. Sigh.
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