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Happy Christmas and a santa photo

Remember last year’s Christmas Photo? We went back this morning to get this year’s photo done. We have been talking to Amy about Santa for a while now even though it kills me to call him Santa. Growing up he has always been Father Christmas to me but I decided that when amy is old enough I will explain why the funny man in the red suit has two names, for now, its just easier to call him what the rest of Australia seems to call him. Santa it is.

A few weeks ago we were in the shopping centre and I suggested to Amy that we might go and wave to Santa, she seemed interested in the idea so we walked down to his Grotto and waved at him from the white picket fence. Santa wasn’t busy and he got up to walk over to us, I panicked thinking Amy might cry like she has done in the past but she was very excited and gave him a high-5 when he asked and even told him she wanted a “pink, Dora bed” for Christmas when prompted. He asked her for a cuddle and she happily gave him one before accepting her chocolate and wandering off. It was a strange moment for me, I felt quite emotional which I am happy to blame on pregnancy hormones but its a moment none the less.
Today Amy was happy to wave at Santa and even walk over to him when it was our turn for a photo. She climbed up and happily sat on his knee but as soon as the lady tried to get her to smile, she turned serious. Of course the moment we got down and Santa gave her a high-5 and a chocolate she was all smiles. I think its kind of sweet in the light of last year’s photo, Amy looks very serious but then again, isn’t the business of being a good little girl quite serious work?
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!
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