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Belly shots – 23 weeks

I promised my Mum I would put some more belly pics up despite the depression that overcame me after I actually saw them! Not taking any belly pics this time around means I am obviously living in denial about my actual bump. Thankfully I have finally come to my senses and yesterday I rushed out and bought four pairs of maternity trousers. For some reason my jeans and combats from last time don’t fit at all, they are baggy, saggy, loose and unflattering. I will get around to taking some new belly shots whilst wearing my new-improved maternity trousers!

These are a couple of shots Ron took of me in Darling Harbour whilst we were waiting to go up to the reception which was held on the 6th floor of the Imax building. See the black and yello chequered building in the top right of the photo? The tables were beautifully arranged around the window at the top so we got to enjoy the view as the sun went down.

I got a bit sick of Ron making me pose for him, unfortunately my husband has learnt that if he pesters me enough he will usually get some nice photos of me pulling stupid faces. Will I ever learn?

And here we are taking a self-portrait in front of the Bridge after the wedding ceremony. This was a view of the harbour I hadn’t seen before which was fun. After this we went and had a lovely long lunch at a little street side cafe and talked baby names. Its fun hanging out together in smart clothes talking about grown-up things.
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