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Handbag meme

I should have known it was going to happen. Guera tagged me for the handbag meme where I am compelled to empty the contents of my handbag out and show you what crap I carry round daily. I even changed handbags this weekend for the wedding we went to but ended up throwing back all the essentials into my everyday black handbag with long straps which I have had for years. So, here it is, unedited and emptied onto my kitchen table.

Here is a photo with numbers on so I can explain what all this crap is. See the explanation below.

  1. My favourite black handbag. I actually can’t remember where I got this but it was a long time ago and its still a favourite. The handles are extra long which means I can carry it comfortably in the crook of my arm and it doesn’t fall off continuosly as I bend down to attend to Amy.
  2. My beloved red leather wallet which Mum gave me for Christmas two years ago. It matches my other favourite handbag, a red leather one I bought when Amy was little and I got tired of carrying a nappy bag around. Sadly the zip has broken so its gone to the great big handbag heaven in the sky.
  3. My red sunnies which have lasted me over a year now, a miracle for someone who has hundreds of pairs of sunglasses and is known for putting them on top of the car and then driving off.
  4. Toddler roll on sunscreen. Because its rained everyday since I bought it.
  5. A pile of receipts and other paperbased crap
  6. A Christmas cracker joke, my name-tag and the instructions for Ron’s office Christmas party peg game. The peg is green and glittery and the aim was to collect as many pegs as possible by getting people to say the word “Christmas”.
  7. A pocket pack of tissues and one snotty, dried, half used tissue.
  8. Butter menthol throat sweets. I used to love these but pregnancy weirdness means they taste funny and I don’t think I am ever going to be able to enjoy them again.
  9. The wedding photographers business card from last weekend. Sometimes I imagine that one day I will actually listen to everyone around me and think about starting up my own photography business.
  10. For someone who hardly ever wears lipstick I carry around a lot of lippy. Two lipgloss, two lipsticks and my favourite South African brand of lipcare which Mum brings over by the dozen.
  11. My red moleskin diary which reminds me, I need to find another one for next year. I love this diary, its small but has enough room with a week on one page and the opposite page blank for an obsessive list writer like myself.
  12. Mobile phone
  13. Mother-in-law’s point and shoot camera.
  14. Toy pizza
  15. 5c coin, I would have thought there would be more cash floating around in the bottom of my handbag, no such luck!
  16. A handful of hairclips and safety pins.
  17. A collection of pens, colouring pencils and eye pencils.
  18. A tampon. Yes, I am pregnant and haven’t had to use a tampon since July, please don’t ask why I am still carrying one around in my handbag.

And do you know what I did the moment this photo was taken? Yup, I chucked it all straight back into my bag because I can’t be bothered to sort it out!

I would love to see what glamorous items Jackson’s Mum carries around in her handbag, but she is kind of on holiday now so I will completely understand if she prefers to keep it to herself!

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