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Pregnancy catch up

Monday 8th December – 22 weeks pregnant.

Big pregnancy catch up! We had our 19 week scan and it was as simple and easy as could be. The technician whizzed around my belly and pronounced our baby perfect in every way and then asked us if we had any questions. So long as its all straight forward there is nothing to ask. Amy was excited to see her baby brother or sister again and Ron and I were both happy with our decision not to find out the sex of her sibling.

I went from feeling but not looking pregnant, to looking definitely pregnant almost overnight! I still don’t fit into any of my maternity pants comfortably, they sag around the crotch, fall down and feel baggy but they are the only thing I can bear to wear and so I spend my life hitching up my trousers and pulling up the belly bands over my now expanding bump.

The baby moves all the time and it’s a very different sensation to what I remember last time round. The small twitches and little bubble sensations quickly changed into very obvious nudges and kicks and I find myself describing it as ‘ticking’ for some reason. The baby seems to tapdance on my cervix and bladder with great big whomping steps which are actually keeping me awake at night! Its hard to get comfortable in bed, not because of my size or aches but rather that whichever way I seem to lie the baby doesn’t like it and lets me know by elbowing me sharply in the uterus. My most comfortable position to sleep is still on my belly/side with one leg drawn up and both arms above my head with my blessed feeding pillow wedged between my legs. If I lie like this on my right side I can’t sleep for wriggles so Ron and I have been doing the ‘breathing battle’ where I lie on my left side facing in and he falls asleep breathing on me so I have to poke him to get him to turn over!

Ron has now felt the baby move as well, last week he was able to feel some of the nudges and he often puts his hands on my bump when we are in bed at night and is able to feel the baby moving around a lot. Looking back at last time’s pregnancy journal, Ron was only able to feel Amy moving at 23 weeks for the first time so he is quite pleased. I am worried that my insides are going to be black and blue in a few weeks as this baby grows based on the amount of movement I can feel now! Amy has also felt the baby move by putting her hands on my belly. She likes to rest her head on my bump and ‘listen’ to the baby and she seems to appreciate that my belly is growing and that means the baby is growing too. She often says about the baby “that maybe the baby is going to cry” and I explain to her that little babies often do cry but that is their way of telling their mummy and daddy what they need and that we will be listening closely to our baby to work out why its crying.

We have all been sick these last few weeks. Ron wasn’t well the week we had friends from the UK staying and he had to have a day off in bed, the following week Amy started to cough on the Wednesday evening and by the weekend she was coughing regularily but only at night and when she had a nap, no other symptoms at all. We were spending the weekend in Ron’s uncle’s caravan down the South Coast with friends and I was worried that her cough would turn into something more but of course, I got sick instead! Just when I was starting to feel fabulous in that glowing second trimester kind of way, blam – a terrible headcold. Trust me, a bad, snotty, blocked up head cold whilst staying in a caravan park at 20 weeks pregnant and having to get up three times a night to wander outside in the freezing rain to walk to the toilets = not much fun at all! I survived the weekend and we don’t think Amy or I infected our friends or their children but by the time we got back to Sydney last Monday I was in a bad way. I took Amy to the Dr to check her chest as she was now coughing during the day and she was in perfect health apart from the nagging cough. I discussed the possibilities of this being early indicators for asthma and the Dr said its possible that this random coughing of hers is a sign her airways do become irritated and that’s its more likely she is predisposed to asthma but for now its just her body’s way of fighting a simple cold virus. As for me, well there is nothing a pregnant woman can do except rest, drink lots of fluids and keep an eye on the infection to make sure it doesn’t get any worse. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were horrible days, Amy and I stayed home and watched tv, played with playdough and drank lots of fresh juice. Thankfully on Thursday I started to come good because we had a very busy weekend planned with Ron’s work Christmas party on Friday and an old friend of his had invited us to her wedding on the Sunday.

Although my ears were still blocked and I still had to carry tissues everywhere, I was fine for the weekend and felt great despite the lingering cold. The Christmas party was great fun and we had a lovely day at the wedding yesterday. I wore a wrap dress I had bought for another wedding earlier this year but not worn and it actually looked better on me pregnant than it did otherwise however looking back at the photos I am wondering if perhaps wearing a fake mustache might have helped distract one’s eye from the size of my HUGE boobs! I am obviously living in denial because although I am well aware that my belly is now growing and despite still rocking the double belly thing (where the uterus grows underneath the tummy pushing out that spare tyre I have been trying to hide since last pregnancy!) I have been feeling rather pleased with myself for not gaining any weight at all now at more than halfway through this pregnancy. Hmmm, maybe I do need to admit that wearing my regular bras, just looser is not the most flattering look and I think I will have to get out those maternity bras after all!

So, now for a pregnancy photo. Do you notice my GIANT boobs more or less with the fake tache?
And for comparison, a photo from 22 weeks last pregnancy. I have some more flattering and fun photos of my bump from the wedding but we borrowed my mother-in-law’s camera and I don’t have the cord to download!

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