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After all the excitement of our new deck being built in a week, I haven’t even bothered to update with photos of the completed roof. We are really happy with the overall look and can’t wait for our railings to arrive. All the rush to get it done before our friends arrived from the UK on their extended honeymoon and the weather has been so bad this week that we haven’t stepped outside other than to admire the view.
The jacaranda trees have nearly dropped all their beautiful flowers and I am getting to enjoy the lilac carpet because its too wet outside for Ron to mow them all up!

In anticipation of our guests arriving I had to do some serious spring cleaning, including folding all the laundry that was living on the spare room bed, getting around to packing away the clothes Amy has grown out of and washing and ironing the dusty spare room curtains. I thought I would take the chance to post some pics of our little home looking clean and tidy. It doesn’t happen that often!Off to bed, we have our 19 week scan tomorrow and I am trying hard not to think about how we could actually find out whether Amy is going to have a baby brother or sister!
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