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Sunday 9th November – 18 weeks pregnant
I am so far behind on my pregnancy journal but that’s no excuse to stop. Sydney is being lashed by a fantastic thunder storm right now which is welcome relief after the scorching heat of the day. At 6pm the house was still stuffy and humid, the bedrooms especially hot after the afternoon sun until finally the heavy skies relented and the rain came down. Amy decided she was afraid of the thunder but I think she just wanted to postpone the inevitable, we did let her stay up a little late to watch the start of the 20/20 cricket game on, she loves watching sport with her Daddy.

As far as my pregnancy goes, last week was a big week in that I properly felt the baby move for the first noticeable time. I was lying in bed on the Wednesday night (5th Nov – 17 weeks and 3 days) in my usual position feeling little tweaks in my belly at regular intervals. I wondered if it might be that the baby had hiccups because the twinges were coming so close together but I didn’t think the baby was actually big enough for me to notice hiccups just yet. It’s a wonderful feeling to have the sensation of movement from the baby, I have that sudden awareness that I am not alone. Of course with the excitement of being able to feel the baby move I also have the panic that comes with the realisation that I might not have actually felt anything for a while and then I try and sit still and concentrate on it but of course with a rowdy toddler running around, that’s not easy!

Extract from my pregnancy journal with Amy:
“Monday 16th January 2006 – 18 weeks pregnant
Movement. I have been concentrating really hard on trying to feel movement and am still not sure if what I am feeling is actually the baby or not. I know that as soon as it becomes much more obvious that it’s a wriggle I will probably identify all these little “feelings” as movement and look back as far as even a week ago, but still nothing right now that makes me sit up and think “Yes, that was the baby!”. I am sitting at my desk now wondering if that funny gravity feeling, almost like a tiny sinking feeling, like something moving and pulling a little vacuum of space behind it, is the baby. I think maybe yes? All very exciting considering this weekend I wasn’t feeling very pregnant on Saturday and spent a lot of time feeling my belly and poking my uterus. Yesterday morning Ron was kind of two handedly massaging my belly and feeling for the hard uterus underneath and then we were both lying quietly with his hands on my belly to see if we could feel anything.”
end extract

I did think I might feel the baby moving earlier this pregnancy based on ‘what people say’ but although I know what sensation to look out for this time around, the other big difference in my life is that I am not sitting at a desk for large portions of my day so I don’t have the time for reflection.

In other pregnancy news my sickness is now completely gone, I went from feeling truly hideous, to hungry, energetic and happy almost overnight and its such a relief to be over the nausea. There are occasions when I feel sick again but its usually if I haven’t drunk enough water or if I am really hungry. Small meals, more often is the trick and I am enjoying lots of healthy salads and we have been making fresh juice most mornings which is my absolute favourite. I haven’t stood on the scale recently and have no intentions of doing it anytime soon, I feel strong and healthy and my maternity jeans are still falling off me so no cause for concern anytime soon!

We have our 19 week scan this Wednesday and both Ron and I are excited but also a little nervous. We really don’t want to find out the sex of this baby and I have it in my head that we are going to see something on the scan that will lead us to speculate. Silly really but I am so adamant I want the surprise. We both feel very strongly that we have absolutely no preference and will be excited and happy at whichever outcome. I keep thinking about Amy being a big sister to a little sister like I am to my little sister and although I worry about whether they will survive their childhood (boy did Liv and I fight a LOT as children!) the relationship between sisters is a special one and I would love for Amy to have that closeness with her own sister. Of course its also great thinking about a little boy baby because of the novelty of having a son when before we have only known our daughter. Either way we are happy and so we prefer to keep speculating for the duration of my pregnancy.

The bad news is we are no closer to choosing boys names than we were this time three years ago!

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