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A bad day

Yesterday was a bad day, Amy is not showing any visible symptoms of her cold/virus from earlier in the week but is acting like a small child possessed. We are battling each other on every little thing, every task, meal, snack, nap, nappy change. Everything is a fight in the White house this week and I am tired. Yesterday I was supposed to post about pregnancy cravings after something Veronica wrote about last week. I had my photos ready to go and my post drafted in my mind. Then I decided to pop out with Amy to meet a friend at a local superstore to browse the craft shop. I forgot the pram so Amy had to walk and it went downhill from there. Back home a few hours later, exhausted, worn out and emotional we battled for 45 minutes to get her down for a sleep she and I desperately needed and then she woke up after 50 minutes. So, I will post that pregnancy craving draft later, right now I am trying to tune out the howls of a two year old who is so tired she can hardly walk in a straight line, but determined to bend her parents to her will. Phew, can anyone remind me why we wanted to do this all over again?

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