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Deck progress

This is the transformation in our deck so far. The guys arrived this morning, I will call them Mick and Bluey for lack of consent to publish their names! They promptly carried all the materials down into the garden/driveway and proceeded to knock up the frame you see above in record time. They reckon its a straight forward job and weather permitting they should be done in no time! I had a mild panic attack when I saw how big the frame was but I think its just because we have gotten used to looking out straight into the garden for the last week or so and now there is this structure there. I can hear my Mum saying to me that we will never regret making it too big but we would regret making it too small!!

Updates to follow as we progress, we are all very excited!

In other news Amy has a cold and I am using that as an excuse to hibernate. Truth be told I haven’t been sleeping very well, not sure why, its not anxiety which is a good thing but I am waking feeling tired and I think a very early night is in order for the whole family!

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