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Pregnancy journalling with belly shots
A pregnancy belly montage, from last pregnancy.

This time round I won’t start taking photos until later when my jelly-like belly morphs into a round pregnancy belly rather than a ‘look who ate all the pies’ type belly.
(From left to right, top to bottom: 18 weeks, 22 weeks, 26 weeks, 29 weeks, 31 weeks, 34 weeks, 37 weeks, 40 weeks DUE DATE, 42 weeks night of the INDUCTION – Amy was born two nights later.)
Sunday 2nd November 2008 – 17 weeks pregnant

SYMPTOMS : I have to admit I was beginning to think I was going to be sick for my whole pregnancy but finally the nausea is going away. Luckily it looks like I just had a bad case of early pregnancy nausea which lingered a little into the second trimester but is now ebbing. I still take the anti-nausea pills in the morning and it means that I am starving hungry for breakfast and am able to eat small amounts through out the rest of the day which actually keeps the nausea away without the need for medication. It looks like I have broken the bad cycle that left me so sick over the weekend that Ron was away.

The bad news is that my back is sore this week. I twinged it twisting backwards in the car trying to pass something to Amy and now I have a dull ache in my lower back if I stand, tilt my hips or sit for too long. I think I am going to find out from my health fund this week what extras we have and see about booking an appointment with a chiropracter. I confess I haven’t done much yoga but a few minutes of stretches this morning made all the difference so I am going to make an effort to find time.

As far as body changes go I still haven’t changed that much. Looking back at last pregnancy’s photos there were some definite things happening in the belly region but right now I just look kind of podgey at the end of the day. If one more person tells me I don’t look pregnant I might just headbutt them! I can feel my uterus more and more now when I lie on my back in bed, especially in the morning, its hard and compact and I like the way it feels.

I don’t think I have felt the baby move yet, I am still aware of twinges and pulling feelings in my pelvis but nothing that makes me thing “baby!” I have to be careful when I get up now to not pull myself up with my stomach muscles as it hurts and sometimes I can feel a muscle pulling a little in my pelvis if I stand up and turn in the same movement. My boobs are still normal, no changes, I can comfortably wear my same old underwire bras and still sleep on my stomach although I do have my one leg up next to me resting on my feeding pillow. (I should take a photo of how I sleep sometime, its certainly not normal!)

Emotionally I am doing a lot better. I had a stressful end to the week, Ron and I are trying to work out our options for next year with regard to Amy. She can’t go to preschool until she is 3 and the preschool we like which is down the road from us probably won’t take her until the following year when she is 3 1/2 so we have been investigating other options. I know that she would benefit from the social interaction, games and fun of a preschool or childcare environment but unfortunately our finances just don’t allow us the leeway to send her if I am not working to contribute to the fees, even with our govt reductions. So despite finding a lovely childcare/preschool nearby that comes highly recommended, has places available and is an all round awesome place to send your child, well, we can’t. Simple as that so I have to commit to being a better parent, more involved, more hands on, more organised so that when all our lives change next year, Amy doesn’t lose out. Despite these stresses, financial and otherwise, I am feeling calm and happy, in control and not frightened or freaked out.

Ron and I have started our baby name list, there are a few boys names that remain on the list from last time but the girls names are all new and there are a few that we both really like which is great news. We are both getting excited now!

Next pregnancy event: our anomaly scan at 19 weeks, can’t wait. And NO, we won’t be finding out what we are having, both of us enjoy the suprise element too much and we have no need to decorate a room, pick a name or get clothes organised. That can all wait until we meet our new baby.

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