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Bloggiversary – 2 years

I can’t believe I missed the Two Year Anniversary of starting this blog! Way back on the 5th October 2006

I decided to start a blog to share photos and news of our 3 month old baby Amy with family and friends around the world. The blog has changed and grown since then and although I still don’t have a solid and established blog “personality” I love blogging and plan on continuing to share stories about our everyday lives. Its hard to find a blogging identity without compromising in some way, there are the concerns about oversharing personal information with an anonymous audience, the privacy risks and fears about writing about my daughter on the big, wide, internet and that strange voyeuristic feeling that people out there are watching/reading about our lives. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have been able to share photos and stories about Amy with my family who live far away, keep in touch with old friends whom we miss daily, and even make new blogging friends which was an entirely unexpected bonus!

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