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Rotten deck

We knew the deck was in a bad state, in fact we knew before we bought the house that it would need some serious work, we even managed to negotiate on the price based on a quote from a builder mate. What we didn’t realise was how expensive it would be to tear down and rebuild from scratch. It was a shock when we got some quotes and discovered that our estimates were at least half of what it would actually cost us.

All of this seems kind of irrelevant now having seen the state the timber was in when we tore it down. We knew the deck was dangerous and liable to collapse with too much weight on which is the reason we haven’t had friends round for a bbq for more than a year, something we miss desperately, but it wasn’t until we pulled it to pieces that we saw just what was wrong with our deck.

The above montage shows some of the water damage and rotten timbers but I didn’t get a photo of the shallow foundations dug by the builder of the deck. 400mm is the industry standard for a foundation apparently and these couldn’t have been 300mm and in fact one or two were even shallower. The scariest thing, when the guys were pulling the concrete out of these holes (they didn’t even need to dig) one of the metal footings just crumpled and snapped with no weight at all. This was the main support on the far side of the deck, at the highest point off the ground.

In other deck news, the good news is that we have a delivery of building materials sitting on our front verge right now, the bad news, the guy building it is going on his bucks (stag) weekend this weekend so won’t be starting till Monday.

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