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Deck destruction

On Friday night our wonderful neighbour John came round and helped Ron get started taking off the roof panels on our beaten up old deck. Saturday morning at 8.45am the troops arrived and the deck was dismantled, chainsawed into pieces and loaded into the truck by 11am. It was a scorcher of a day and jugs of ice-water were drunk whilst the guys ripped up the old decking boards and carted away rotten planks and bits of deck.

It was an unbelievable team effort and we are so grateful to our friends who all pulled together and helped us get rid of the old deck, saving us hundreds of dollars whilst having a bit of fun. Its amusing how people are slow to offer help when you are moving house or need some painting done, but send out the call for volunteers to come and tear something down and everyone is there with chainsaw in hand as early as can be.

We supplied an esky full of cold beers and bacon and sausage sandwiches for when the work was done and then we were left with a big gaping hole where our deck used to be! Amy is not quite sure what to make of it all but seems quite excited about all the activity. The company who will be rebuilding the deck have been delayed due to the bad weather last week so are hoping to start by the end of this week. We decided to leave the little platform outside the sliding doors and the stairs into the garden until later in the week so at least I will be able to hang the washing out and Amy and I can use the garden until they start work. Then we are hoping they will be finished within four weeks but its not really possible to get a finish date so we just sit with fingers crossed. The one thing we are certain about is what a difference to our living space the new deck will make!

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