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A pregnancy butt kicking

I am hoping my butterfly picture will be a good analogy and I start to feel better as my anti-nausea medication kicks in. We had an Obstetrician appointment yesterday afternoon and it was a relief to admit to someone just how bad I have been feeling. We still can’t work out whether I have had a virus this weekend causing terrible headaches, nausea and vomiting or if all my pregnancy woes collided on the one weekend when Ron was out of town for three nights. Whichever it was, it wasn’t pleasant. A raw throat from vomiting, an aching tummy from heaving, a splitting headache from dehydration or perhaps that virus. I have never been so happy to see Ron arrive home! He swept in, entertained Amy, reassured me and just got on with everything that needed to be done whilst I languished on the couch with an ice-pack on my head.

We got to have a cheeky look at our baby who is growing right on target for 15 weeks, measuring about 8.6cms and waving. I hadn’t really worried about the baby but stepping on the scale at the Dr’s office and realising I really am losing weight and not eating much of anything at all, in the back of my mind there was a fear that maybe I had something that was bad for the baby, one of those viruses you don’t want to google. It was very reassuring to see the baby looking healthy with a strong heartbeat, bigger than at the 12 week scan.
Ron has stayed home from work today to help me recover and he took Amy to playgroup this morning. I am feeling alright, not great, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I still vomited this morning despite anti-nausea meds but the general feeling of queasiness has abated a little. I am hungry but can’t bear to go near the kitchen so will wait for Ron to bring home chicken and salad and see how I go.
Pregnancy, you are kicking my butt this time around!
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