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Sunday 19th October 2008 – 15 weeks pregnant
16th Week of pregnancy
sick, sick, sick, sick. At the end of the week before last I felt run down and exhausted after a really busy week. Ron and I went away to Mudgee for a rugby weekend. It was great to get away and despite broken sleep at night – thanks boys! I felt good, relaxed, happy and not so nauseous. Back in Sydney I had a horrible week with Amy and felt sick and tired again. Food makes me feel ill and I alternate between feeling hungry and nauseous. I found a brand of bagels in a local supermarket which made me do a little dance of joy which scared a little old man shopping quietly near me! Bagels with peanut butter for breakfast, and yes, I confess, a few bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon for lunch. However after a horribly nauseous day on Friday I don’t think I will be eating the salmon again, another food group I have ruined and one that I am sure people will tell me I shouldn’t have been eating whilst pregnant. I have had a really bad weekend, made worse by a sore throat with copious amounts of phlegm that goes down my throat making me feel continuously sick. Vomiting has made my throat raw and all I have eaten since Friday night is soft toast with peanut butter, vanilla green tea and ice lollies. Ron has been away on rugby tour and Amy has been staying with her grandparents and I have been in bed or on the couch feeling very sorry for myself!

We have an appointment with our obstetrician tomorrow afternoon and I am going to discuss some options for anti-nausea medication just in case this continues over the coming weeks. I have lost a total of 4kgs now since falling pregnant which is not a worry because I had a more than healthy starting weight and when I do eat (apart from this weekend) its been mostly fruit and veg and smaller portions. I am still managing my pregnancy multivitamin and fingers crossed our baby is growing and developing as it should be.

I have felt twinges of what could possibly be movement this week, sometimes when I am turning over in bed and pulling my leg up under me whilst lying on my tummy I feel a little tug of something that, after its happened I think might be the baby. I can still sleep on my tummy but have broken out my feeding pillow to have between my legs. The difference in my sleep is great and my back doesn’t hurt when I wake up which is good. I am planning on starting my pregnancy yoga this week, this time around I won’t be going to the lovely Nadia but instead turning out living room into a yoga studio. I hope I can get Amy interested!

Although I am not gaining any weight there are changes happening in my belly area and I actually got out my maternity pants this week. I am tired of having to walk around with my trousers undone in the afternoons buts its definitely a good feeling to pull my maternity combats on and realise just how much bigger I am going to have to get to be able to wear them without hitching them up every five minutes!

Even with feeling so sick I am managing my anxiety much better this week and feeling happier and more relaxed about life in general and especially the baby. Close friends had another baby girl this weekend and its really made me think about the reality of having a bran new baby of our own! Despite a rocky start to the week, Amy and I are getting on fabulously again and my sweet girl has been very kind and attentive whilst Mummy has been feeling sick. Yesterday when I was lying in bed while she watched tv and played in the living room, she kept coming in to check on me and offering me sips from her water bottle, asking “you ok, feel better Mummy? You alright?”

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