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Putting face to name

We have had a very busy week and as a result I have felt sicker and more tired the last two days than I have done in ages. Annoying. Its been fun though, we met up with some fellow bloggers on Wednesday, it was fantastic to finally meet some friends who I have been emailing with for months now. It was perfect meet-up, the kids ran around playing whilst the ladies got a chance to chat and get to know each other and I look forward to doing it again.Amy and I are still fighting over naptimes a couple of times a week. After a long afternoon of arguments I gave in and suggested she come and lie on the couch with me, anything to get some rest. Two minutes later the cheeky, exhausted little miss is fast asleep!In other news Ron and I are off for a couple of nights away this weekend and Amy will be staying with Grandma and Grandad. I am looking forward to a restful weekend, lots of sleeping and reading and relaxing but I do feel a little strange because despite Amy often spending a night with her grandparents, this is the first time we will have left her for two nights. I know she won’t even notice because she will be having so much fun but I will miss my baby.

(do you even know how much effort it took for me to post this lame little post. Energy, please come back, all is forgiven!)

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