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Pregnancy journal continued again

Monday 29th September 2008 – 12 weeks pregnant
13th Week of pregnancy
Nausea is much more manageable, I still need to get up immediately and eat some toast and I have gone off all tea and coffee completely. I retch when I brush my teeth and infrequently in the mornings and afternoons. I feel less tired but am still very lethargic and bloated in the afternoons. Nothing fulfils me food wise, I don’t want anything in the fridge or cupboard and fantasise about takeaway pizza, curry and chinese food. I lust after burgers and chips and sometimes the longing for an M&S wrap or a Pret sandwich is so intense that I actually feel like crying. I have less food aversion after cooking and have been able to cook the following this week: homemade pizzas, homemade chicken and pea pies, roasted parsnips, asparagus, marinated rump steak sandwiches and steak with potatoes and asparagus. Pasta works at lunchtime, filling me up, giving me energy and helping with the nausea. It seems like my afternoons are consumed with thoughts of what I can eat but then by evening I feel too ugh to bother.
CRAVINGS: natural yogurt with lashings of brown sugar, peanut butter and raspberry jam toast, roasted parsnips, fruit juice ice lollies, called ice blocks in Australia.
AMY is at times the perfect child and the rest of the time a total nightmare, obstinate, demanding, whiney and disobedient. We have been fighting over nap times a lot but I persevere because when she does go down she sleeps well and for at least an hour and a half and often up to three hours whilst still going down fine a few hours later at 7.30pm. She needs her afternoon sleep and dammit, so do I! Thanks to a big effort from Ron to spend as much one on one time with Amy as possible she is responding and no longer wails for Mummy all the time. My independent child is finally back to her usual, non-clingy, not-Mum-centric self again and it’s a relief. The hot weather has started and I am loving our new air conditioner. Its quiet but wildly efficient and I no longer dread the long summer ahead.
BIG PREGNANCY NEWS is that we had our 12 week scan on Tuesday 30th September and the baby is measuring spot on 12w1d. The scan is great and the technician is clear and concise and tells us everything looks great and the nuchal translucency looks excellent. We watch our baby turn over and move its arms and hiccup and Amy announces “that’s my baby brother or sister” which gives me goosebumps! I feel elated afterwards and much happier and more relaxed about the pregnancy unfortunately this feeling of happiness and contentment fades a little overnight when I find myself getting anxious about money and the future and my work opportunities. These feelings of anxiety have been a reoccurring theme for me over the last year and Ron and I are both working hard to manage my anxiety and make sure that these feelings don’t develop into something more sinister. A good chat with a special friend and a lovely, unexpected gift do a lot to lift my spirits later in the week and I go into the long weekend feeling very positive. The rain and cooler temperatures definitely helping my mood.

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