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Airconditioning tantrum

Meet my new airconditioner. I say MY new aircon because after our first proper hot Sydney day with hairdryer warm winds and humidity, I threw a tanty and said I point blank refuse to be pregnant over the Summer without artificial cooling! Although its mounted in the middle of the room, pointing half at a wall and half into the living room, this unit is so big and efficient that it cools both the kitchen and livingroom quickly and will even reach Amy’s bedroom if we leave her door open.
Mum, this one’s for you, Ron is very proud of his fixings above where he attached the bookshelf to the wall, we have to attach the other one now that we are happy with where it is. So important to do when you have children around, even though Amy knows not to ever climb on the bookshelves, that doesn’t mean that any of her friends won’t be tempted and I don’t even want to think about the consequences.
Large pile of books waiting to be put back into their shelves. I have probably twice again the same amount in boxes in our rumpus room and one of my dreams is to one day have a room dedicated to my books, my very own library. I can only hope!

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