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Pregnancy journal continued

Tuesday, 12th August 2008
Not a great day despite Amy being in much happier spirits. She woke up in a good mood and I woke up feeling great as well, brilliant night’s sleep and feeling energised. It put some doubts in my mind and I had some bad thoughts about this pregnancy not being viable because its around this time that the baby’s heart starts to beat and I just suppose I was hoping to feel more pregnant. I made the mistake of poking my boobs and convincing myself that they don’t hurt as much and then reading over my pregnancy diary from when I was pregnant with Amy and realising I was retching in the mornings as early as 5 weeks. I talked to Ron about my concerns briefly in the car on the way home from work and agreed not to worry about it but its definitely cemented my decision not to talk about it to anyone else other than my family. I definitely want an ultrasound when I see the Obstetrician on the 1st September and that is at least something, not long to wait. Ron did say to me that I hadn’t got my period so I must still be pregnant which is true but of course that doesn’t mean that the pregnancy is going smoothly. Silly to have bad thoughts but I guess its only reality and at least I know that I won’t be totally devastated if this doesn’t work out, just get right back on and try again. In the meantime I am going to try to take really good care of myself, take my vitamins everyday, get lots of rest and eat well and send positive vibes to the little pip growing inside me!
Sunday 17th August 2008 – 6 weeks pregnant
We have a lazy start to the day, I let Ron sleep in because I am at that point when I wake up, I need to get up. This is a real turn around from recent months when I have been struggling to get up in the mornings and have been lying in bed while Ron and Amy have breakfast together and then dragging myself up and feeling tired. Now I need to get up and eat or I feel quite horrible. Still nowhere near as sick as I was last time around according to my pregnancy journey but definitely feeling a bit seasick in the mornings.
Wednesday 20th August 2008
Amy woke up ridiculously late at 8.30 so we were all running late. We called Ron’s Mum but she had left for work already so Amy left a message on the machine saying Happy Birthday. We dropped Ron at work, Amy and I still in our pyjamas and then came home and camped out in front of the tv for most of the day. I was feeling run down, nauseous and unmotivated. Amy refused to sleep, she went down at 1pm and talked to herself for an hour before she started calling me, I went in twice and told her she had to sleep because we were going out to a restaurant with Grandma that night but eventually I got her up and told her to lie down on the lounge and have a rest. She didn’t sleep but did lie quietly. Ron called and said he would get the bus home early which was a relief because I was feeling despondent. Afternoons seem to be my worst, I really slump after lunch and then end up feeling bad for not actually accomplishing anything during the day. I also feel guilty because Amy is getting enough from me, no energy, no outings and I really do worry but Ron reassured me when he got home that Amy is fine and I need to go easy on myself.
Monday 1st September 2008 – 8 weeks pregnant
Ron went to work and Amy and I had a quiet morning at home. From feeling fine with no symptoms I have started to feel quite ill until I eat and drink something and I have no desire to lie in bed, the moment I wake I need to get up which is something I remember from last time around as well. Amy went down for an early nap so we could get up and go to our 3.40pm appointment with the Obstetrician. We picked Ron up from work and made our way to Westmead Private hospital. It’s a bit confusing because the hospital is only two storeys and quite unobtrusive and we weren’t sure where to park etc. Lovely receptionist and midwife and the Dr seems very straight forward. We had a brief chat about my history of pregnancy with Amy and my preferable outcome for labour and then I hopped up on the table for the ultrasound. He was able to find the baby quickly but commented the pictures were not that clear because my bladder wasn’t that full. He had asked me if I thought my dates were correct and I said I thought they might be a day or so out and he agreed that I was right, the baby was measuring exactly 8 weeks. We had a listen to the heartrate which was beating away at 153 beats per minute and then he took some shots for us. Ron was holding Amy and showing her the pictures on the screen, it was such a relief to see a healthy beating heart on that screen! The Dr answered all my questions concerning his personal statistics for intervention and his policies on induction and long labour. Ron and I were both impressed with his manner and left feeling reassured that this was someone we could work with through out my pregnancy to help us achieve the delivery we would like. In my situation where my previous pregnancy was uncomplicated but my labour and delivery ended up being a marathon event we both feel happy that having continuity of care by one Obstetrician should ultimately mean that we have more say over the scenarios that might arise if I do end up overdue or having a slow or lengthy labour.
Thursday 4th September 2008
Friday 5th September 2008
Saturday 6th September 2008
Sick, sick, sick, Grand final day
Sunday 7th September 2008
Father’s Day, sick, lazy start, better, Ron’s mum for lunch, sleep.
Monday 8th September 2008 – 9 weeks pregnant
Woke up feeling like a new woman, still had to get straight up and eat but the nausea was manageable and it slowly started to dawn on me that what I had over the weekend was clearly a virus and not desperate morning sickness. I hopped on the scales and realised I had lost over 3kgs since the week before when I was weighed at the Obstetrician’s office (absolutely no good reason why they do this.) I am hungry and feel able to eat and feel better after eating and its such a relief to feel good again!

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