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I am sorry I have been so scarce on the blog. Its hard to explain why but has to do with my anxiety levels and inability to really connect with actually being pregnant. My symptoms are so different this time around that for a while I felt like I couldn’t actually BE pregnant. Then today we got to watch our baby wriggle, wave, hiccup and turn over and suddenly all those emotions have come rushing back. I am carrying a baby, our baby, Amy’s brother or sister as she announced during the scan. Its real and its happening and I am ALLOWED to feel happy, excited, full of anticipation for my belly growing and being able to feel my baby turning over and over inside me.

I hope that as I continue to feel better I will spend more time on the blog and get back to posting regular photos and anecdotes of Amy and of course the inevitable pregnancy tales, like why all I can eat is fried rice and natural yogurt with brown sugar!
Right now I’ll leave you with Baby Joey (because it lives in my pouch!) turning over and hiccuping in the scan measuring a perfect 12w1d.

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