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Remember this little thing from last year? It was a dead looking sticky thing in a pot that we chucked down the side of the garage along with the plastic kennel for the dog we don’t have.
Well one day a beautiful flower appeared on this previously very dead looking sticky thing and that made me very happy considering we hadn’t watered or nurtured or looked after the dead plant. So Ron dug it out of its pot and planted it along our side fence where it shot out tendrils and shoots and turned into a leafy green viney thing.
Then suddenly one morning it was Spring and the bare vine burst into flower.
A few days and it looks like this, leaves sprouting all over the place and heavenly purple flowers. Its a Wisteria climbing vine and I love it, I hope it continues to thread itself over our old wooden fence so that for a few weeks every year we can enjoy it in all its flowering beauty.
A close up of the purple/lilac flowers.

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