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Brushing, flossing and seeing the Dentist

We were talking teeth yesterday and I realised I can’t quite remember when Amy got her last molars, I think it was just after we got back from the UK in February but I will have to go back over the archives to confirm that. Its been blissful ever since, well apart from the fact that I can’t blame every little grumble or upset on teeth!

Amy is very good at brushing her own teeth now and will happily brush away breakfast, lunch and supper and then let me finish them off. She brushes top and bottom in circular motions and understands that its a very important thing to do before we leave the house and before going to bed. She runs into me after her bath shouting “minty fresh breath!”

About twice a week I floss Amy’s teeth after we brush them and we are overdue another Dentist appointment in the coming weeks. Its great seeing that the slow building of habits works and sometimes if I forget to brush Amy’s teeth in the morning she will remind me before we leave the house.

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