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As soon as I mention anxiety with relation to my pregnancy, people are quick to point out that its perfectly natural to worry about how this will affect my relationship with Amy. The strange thing is that my anxiety has nothing to do with my firstborn and everything to do with life circumstances and general worries. For whatever reason I am certain that having another baby will not take away from my feelings for my daughter but rather increase my capacity for love and help me to be a better parent, wife, friend. Of course I wonder how Amy will really react when her life changes as we welcome another baby into our family, but deep down I know she will meet this new challenge with sensitivity and excitement because she is so secure in the love that Ron and I have for her. For myself I know that in the same way that my whole being opened and welcomed Amy after she was born, so I will be ready to love another baby. It doesn’t take away any of the love I have for her but rather makes me capable of just loving that bit more.

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