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My name is Lola

Amy had a blast watching Ron WIN his semi-final at rugby last weekend. This means they go onto the Grand Final the weekend after next, it also means that the rugby season is seriously dragging out this year, but hey, they are winners so I can’t be too grumpy.

Amy made friends with three other kids playing at the ground, an older girl, maybe 7 and her younger brother, a little older than Amy, maybe 3 and their sister who was probably 18 months. Amy sidled over and I watched her slowly integrate herself into their games. Eventually they started a long, involved game of chase around a tree which kept them entertained for nearly half an hour. At the end of the game I went over to the Mum who had gestured to me at one point to show me the kids had gone down to the canteen to get lollipops. I thanked her for keeping an eye on Amy and she laughed and said “Amy? I asked her what her name was and she told me Lola!”

My daughter, making up stories already!

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