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Amy – happy at 2 and 1 month

In some twisted miracle after I last posted about Amy being revolting, the opposite happened in real life. This in itself is amazing, usually its the other way around, you tell someone about how well your child sleeps/eats/plays and then the very next day your perfect child refuses to nap/throws food around the kitchen/bites their best friend. Instead Amy went from moody toddler to sweetness and light, seemingly overnight!
She wakes up smiling and laughing and happily eats her bowl of cheerios for breakfast. She pulls faces and tells me she is “HAPPY” at least three times a day. She goes to sleep without protest and reads in her cot for half an hour before falling asleep. She laughs, runs, hops like a kangaroo, shrieks with excitement when I suggest some fruit for morning tea and plays without complaint while I do the dishes or a load of washing.
I am relaxed, well rested and feeling fabulous, its amazing how the mood of your child can so directly influence your state of being. Last week I was run down, full of cold and exhausted. I had no patience and felt guilty for being a bad mother. This week we have played together, read together, made lunch and supper together and bathed together. I LOVE this child and am altogether a better, happier person than I was last week.
(Of course you realise what this means don’t you, now that I have disclosed this information, the transformation is going to reverse and we are going to wake up tomorrow and its all going to have been a dream! Thats the way the cycle works, tell someone about it and the opposite will happen. PLEASE NO!)

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