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Rugby energy

While Mum was here she cut down and sewed up a mini rugby jersey for Amy to wear when we go and watch Ron play. Its the most adorable thing and she loves it! Everyone wanted to know where I got it last weekend at rugby and couldn’t believe it when I said Mum made it one evening.

Amy is pretty revolting right now and is testing my patience at every turn. I can’t do ANYTHING right and often end up reducing Amy to floods of tears by offering her some milk or suggesting we get in the car.
She has been very needy and hard to entertain since Mum and Dad left and loves an audience. She is happiest when surrounded by lots of people who love her and will dance, sing and shout so long as we are watching her.
Its hard to stay mad at her for long especially when she has just perfected the tight squeeze hug and will come over and spontaneously declare “I lub you Mummy” at just the right time. She likes to tell me her heart is full of “lub” and although I would like to remind her of this fact when she throws a tantrum because I suggest she put on a jersey, we are usually laughing together again quickly.
I have been sick with a cold for the last week which left me feeling miserable and that made it harder to keep Amy entertained. We have made playdough, painted and cooked and thankfully Amy is still sleeping well during the day so there is some respite! I have learnt a valuable lesson though, that when Amy is playing up she usually just needs some proper one-on-one attention and if I take the time to sit down and play for a while her mood lifts and we are both happier.
So much boundless energy, its hard to keep up!
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