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Peanut butter and vegimite sandwiches

Wow, its Friday already, where has this week gone? We have all been a little sick actually, luckily nothing too serious but Amy did start coughing again a few nights ago and I worried it might be the start of a chest infection. She seems to have shaken it off but in its place her personality has been replaced with that of the “terrible toddler”. She is moody, irritable, whingey, whiney, grumpy and short tempered. Combine that with my own head-full-of-cold and its been a battleground in the White House this week.
Take these photos as proof of the iron will of the toddler. I asked her what she would like for lunch and she gave me a resounding “peana butta” so I made her a sandwich. I finally convince her to sit down and eat it and then she is on the floor in a heap shouting for “mightymite”. So I give up and sit down. Amy drags her chair across the kitchen, undoes the childlock on the pantry and gets the vegimyte off the second from top shelf. She takes it back to her table where she proceeds to spread a lethal layer on top of her peanut butter sandwich, with her fingers.
I am just relieved that she is quiet for ten blissful minutes as she gouges out hunks of the sticky stuff and smears it on her sandwich, her face, her dress and her table. If I had any doubt about whether Amy would grow up a proper aussie, there can be no question of it now!

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