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Egg and soldiers

Ever since I can remember, Sunday nights at home were always egg on toast or eggy bread nights. Mum would whip up scrambled eggs or boiled eggs or my personal favourite, French toast (also know as eggy bread or gypsy bread.) When Mum was here with us she started the tradition with Amy when she made her a soft boiled egg with toast soldiers. Amy was fascinated and delighted! She has never really liked egg much but she loved the idea of sticking her toast fingers into the runny yolk and she happily spooned out the white when she had finished dipping.
Tonight when I asked Amy what she wanted for supper she replied “egg and soldiers” and so a Sunday night family tradition is started.

We had some friends over for lunch today and I made homemade pizza and a chocolate sunken souffle cake. I must share the recipe because its simple and delicious and last time I baked this cake we made the discovery that its even better when eaten frozen.

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