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Amy’s 2nd birthday party

We had a small party to celebrate Amy’s second birthday the weekend after her actual birthday so that my Dad could be there. Dad had carried a special present for Amy all the way from South Africa and we opened it in the morning before the guests arrived.
Every child that grew up in South Africa will recognise this bike, although today’s model is slightly more upscale than the ones I remember from my childhood. This bike has decals and an exhaust pipe! Amy was thrilled and was soon racing down the driveway like she had been doing it for years. I have to confess I had a go myself (when no one was looking) and it took me right back!
Later we got the birthday bubble machine out and the kids were showered with bubbles.
It was a very small party with just a few friends, the perfect number for sitting round Amy’s table having sausage on a roll and juice.
Then there was homemade butterfly (kind of) cake with lots of candles for Amy to blow out and a rousing rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU which Amy enjoyed immensely!
It was a special day, made more so by being able to share it with both sets of Amy’s godparents and both sets of Grandparents. Because it was a small group we were able to sit and talk and enjoy each others company. Amy had a brilliant time and was made to feel very special and thats what birthdays are all about.

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