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Haircut photos

Amy has been needing a haircut for a while now. Like a lot of children her age, her hair seems to grow backwards and forwards from a crown right at the back of her head which makes for a heavy, long fringe. The wispy bits at the side above her ears are finally growing and so I decided to take advantage of Mum being here and take Amy for a haircut.
You can tell by the red eyes in these pictures that a haircut ranks quite high on Amy’s list of “things she doesn’t like”. It now ranks just as high on my list of “things I don’t like doing with my daughter”, thankfully there aren’t many things on that list.
Luckily there isn’t much that a babycino can’t fix and Amy was soon smiling and telling me all about her pretty hair that the lady cutted. Funny things children.

I am seeing our lives through the eye of my camera again and its a wonderful feeling. I don’t think I realised how much I had come to rely on my camera until it was broken. I picked my favourite lens up from Canon yesterday and now I am complete again. I won’t be spending much time in front of the computer until next week when I will be sitting here, weeping and missing mum as I go through the hundreds of photos I have taken this week.
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