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Sleeping, DIYing and watching the tour de France

I have so much to blog about, but to be perfectly honest, not much inclination to actually DO IT. We have had the most wonderful week with my parents staying, Dad left this morning but Mum is still here for another week. We didn’t end up going away and after all the indecision, we didn’t even leave the city for a day trip like we thought we might. Instead we had a holiday at home. Ron took the week off and we got started on the list of DIY jobs that we have slowly been adding to over the year since we moved into our house.

Dad and Ron worked tirelessly fixing shelves, putting up pictures, finishing the bathroom and generally patching things up. Mum and I completed lots of little jobs and some of the big ones, like teaching Amy all about egg and soldiers for supper!
Amy has thrived under the attention of her Gogga and Packet and despite my misgivings, my child has pulled out all the stops and slept like a trooper! Its ironic because she has been unsettled for a month or two now what with the broncitis and then the lingering cough and the start of winter and wriggling out of her duvet. After a bad start to the holiday when she refused to sleep on the night that Mum arrived (I think it was my fault, only one dummy in the house – more on that at a later date!) and then she seemed to settle down and suddenly what with all the excitement during the day she was sleeping for two hours plus in the afternoon and going down with no problems at about 7.30pm.
We do have one slight issue and that is to do with actually falling asleep. Amy is quite content to lie in bed and talk to herself and her dollies and her new birthday bear Biscuit. Sometimes she will mutter and mumble for up to an hour, occasionally breaking into a sweet rendition of “Happy Birthday” which was cute the first few times but is now NOT FUNNY anymore! Its not a problem as such, she isn’t unhappy, she doesn’t cry, most times we don’t even need to go into her, at some point she just gets bored and tired and falls asleep.
And there is one very pleasant side effect of this late night talking, Amy sleeps in later in the morning which has been very nice considering we have all been “on holiday” this week which has involved many bottles of wine and a few very late nights watching the Tour de France.

I am not really sure how to address this ‘problem’ if indeed it is even a problem at all and I have no intentions of doing anything until life around the White House has settled back into a routine the week after this when my Mum has gone. Around which time I will probably turn to drink earlier in the day and cry whenever I look at the grouting in the bathroom which Mum painstakingly worked at and will remind me of her! Oh well.

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