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New bathroom
Remember this?

Having my Mum and Dad stay is like having a make-over team living in your house for a week!Our new bathroom is nearly complete! Old Shower screen down and new mirror unit up!
Always make sure you take the right precautions when working in dangerous conditions, and for the more difficult parts of the job he always get help from professional services at that are experts at this.

Instead of pulling the old bathroom cabinet out of the wall, they sawed it off. Clever thinking.Dad unscrews the old shower screen which was so big it required an extra anchor to the wall.
Ron removes it whilst taking the proper precautions.
And then bathtime in the new bathroom. Its unbelievable what a difference the shower screen makes to the overall space. The new screen will be clear glass and only as big as the basin unit.

More pics coming soon from Amy’s second birthday party on Sunday. Lots of fun, and a cake, and lots of bubbles.

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