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Enjoying our culture

Today Amy and I went to meet Ron at his office to celebrate NAID0C

week. It originally stood for ‘National Ab0rigines and Is1anders Day Observance Committee’ and now the week is an occasion to celebrate indigenous culture and build bridges between non-indigenous and indigeonous Australians.
As a newcomer to Australia I think it is very important that I learn as much as possible about the people and cultures that make up this island as much for myself as for Amy who is going to grow up Australian. It was a fun occasion with lots of indigenous food including kangaroo stew and lemon myrtle infused cakes and a very talented and funny man shared some of his stories about growing up as an Aborginal person in the bush. He passed round a soft kangaroo fur which Amy instantly put on her head making everyone around us laugh. Later he played the Didge, sadly not for very long but enough to make the hairs on my neck stand up.
Amy is well liked amoungst Ron’s colleagues, as I imagine am I and it was fun seeing everyone and laughing at them commenting on how much Amy has grown. Amy enjoyed seeing Daddy at work and it was a welcome outing for us because being at home isn’t very relaxing right now. Next door have started their renovations and there is a lot of noise and workmen talking.
We are having a relatively quiet week whilst Mum is in Melbourne doing her botanical art painting course and I have lots to plan for this weekend and next week when we are planning a short trip away.
(and yes, this is really how Amy steers when she is on Daddy’s shoulders!)

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