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This time tomorrow I will be sitting in the lounge, drinking a glass of wine and CHATTING WITH MY MUM!! I am so excited, I can’t believe she arrives tomorrow. Amy has been telling everyone we meet that her Gogga is coming soon and we are all really looking forward to my parents visit. In preparation I have been doing lots of cleaning and organising. Unfortunately I started to feel really ill on Monday night and actually spent Tuesday in bed feeling very sorry for myself. I was aching and tired and hot and cold and unhappy. Ron stayed home from work to look after Amy and the two of them had a ball out in the garden for most of the day. Later I watched a DVD in bed on my new tv which was totally bliss.

The spare room is spotless and shiny and smells of furniture polish and sunlight. The linen is crisp and clean and the mirrored doors on the built-ins are streak free. Elsewhere I started cleaning and rearranging the bookshelves in the living room.
I only managed the one because its a large job and it will probably be easier to do the second one when Mum is here so she can entertain Amy and help break me from my anal compulsive cycles where I debate endlessly how to arrange my bookshelves!

This is the one that needs to be tackled next. Please don’t comment on the manky purple blanket that we are STILL using as a curtain over our sliding doors. This is another job I am hoping to complete while Mum is here even though we started looking for blinds this time last year when she was here. Oh dear.

Right, off to watch State of Origin Three, come on you cockroaches! To see what suitable footy food we will be eating, take a look at my food blog! (link on the right hand side!)

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