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My birthday weekend

I had a lovely birthday weekend. It started on Friday afternoon when I collected Ron from work, he asked me to drive round to the driveway entrance to his office building because he had some heavy boxes to carry. He appeared bearing large gifts, all wrapped up, very exciting! We had a relaxed evening at home with a couple of glasses of wine.

On Saturday morning Ron went to get Amy up and then brought her in for a cuddle with some presents and cards. Because Amy was staying with Grandma and Grandad we had a little pretend birthday and Amy sang Happy Birthday Mummy and helped open my gifts. I am a tricky person to buy presents for especially at this point in our lives. I worry about money a lot and because I am staying home with Amy and not earning a salary I find it very hard to justify spending money on anything that isn’t an essential. Ron has hit the nail on the head with every present he has bought me in the past, some of the highlights of which include an ipod mini before they were released in the UK, a magimix and a beautiful digital radio. This year I hadn’t even been able to give him any suggestions because I just felt as though there wasn’t anything I really needed.

My big present on saturday morning was a DVD recorder. Its brilliant, a gift we will all enjoy that I will love using and something that we can enjoy and share for a long time. Some people might not understand Ron giving me something that is essentially a household item that Amy will probably use more than I will, but its the practicality and thoughtfulness that means I can really enjoy this as a guiltfree gift. Amy and I also unwrapped some beautiful photo frames with mounts for our photo wall which we are planning on doing and some mapbooks for New South Wales as we are hoping to do a few camping trips away later in the year. Again gifts that we will use over and over.

Later Ron was collected for rugby and Amy and I got ready and headed over to watch the second half of his game. Ron’s team won convincingly which is their 6th victory in a row and so there were smiles all round for the rest of the day. Later Ron’s Mum arrived to take care of Amy and I ducked off home for a few hours before collecting Ron and going to see Indiana J0nes. I loved the movie, it was funny and entertaining and typical for an Indy movie. Ron was a bit “whatever” but he is definitely more of a Bond man than an Indy fan.

We had a lovely lie in on my birthday morning because Amy was with her grandparents and then later we celebrated with my favourite special occasion breakfast of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Take a look at my food blog Till We Meat Againfor the recipe. I opened the last of my presents and was stunned to tear the paper off a flatscreen tv with built-in DVD for the bedroom. Ron admitted he got a great deal with the end of financial year sales and couldn’t resist! I love it, I have been quite happy without a tv in our bedroom since we blew up the last one but its going to be great having two in the house especially as Amy gets older. We then drove up to Newport for lunch at the Newport Arms with friends and then we went onto Ron’s parents for cheesecake and tea before heading out for a sundowner drink at the Sydney Rowers.

In the evening I had lots of phonecalls from the UK and South Africa and went to bed feeling very loved. Its funny thinking about being 32 years old and in my 33rd year. I remember as a child not being able to think past the year 2000 when I was going to be 24 years old. I recall telling my cousins that I would have to try very hard not to get married before the year 2000 and that I didn’t know what would happen after as I was going to be very old! Now here I am at 32 with a husband and a daughter and a simple, happy life in the suburbs. I think its a fascinating time of life, split between adulthood and youth and yet not even halfway through an average lifetime. I wonder what the next 32 years of my life will hold?

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