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Feeling down

I am feeling a little depressed today. I just found out from my sister-in-law that the boss is shutting down the restaurant and so we are all out of work. Of course this is much more serious for my sister-in-law although I know she will find another job because she is a wonderful chef, but for me it means the end of those weekend shifts that really helped our budget. I feel sad because I really enjoyed working and also scared because this means that I am going to have to find something else and that is a daunting prospect.

Sigh, I just feel a little down at the moment which is silly because Mum arrives next week and its my birthday on Sunday and then Amy’s birthday next weekend. With lots to look forward to I should be happy not miserable. Silly me. Time to go and blow bubbles and draw on the driveway with giant chalk and play with Amy and have fun and be happy!

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